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I have had it with the lies and deceit that DSL extreme has as a pervasive company policy.

We had their basic internet connection for about 1 year. This was slow and always dropping the line. So we upgraded and signed up last year for the faster service and due to our repeated complaints for the previous year the sales rep "gave us a deal". We were quoted $15.99 for their $24.99 service.

We agreed and they sent us a conformation note via e-mail. We didn't even notice the price was never mentioned in that e-mail. Several months later when we found that the service was running at less than half, we looked for a statement. Nothing was on our account on line nothing was ever mailed. So a check of our bank statement, it showed the charges as $27.99, not the quoted amount of $15.99. Lies, deceit and fraudulence.

When we called about this and to register a complaint, we were told they had no record of the agreement or any of our 5 or 6 complaints about the speed. Only 1 of our many calls to service was even in our records.

I finally got a hold of a supervisor and 20 minutes later, he agreed that my request for the service to be disconnected and no further monetary obligation, on my part was accepted. We were out of the contract clear and free.

45 days after all that upset and arguing with the supervisor named Tony, I got a bill for the unused portion of my contract. I had made him say that that wouldn't happen no less then 6 time. Lies and deceit.

When I called them back to find out why we were lied to again, the customer service rep stated that there was no record of my having even talked to a supervisor 45 days ago. Only that I wished to cancel the service.

I would strongly recommend that you do not get this service, or any thing else from them, EVER. They will not give you what you ask for, they will over charge you any way they can, they WILL lie to you and they will not keep proper records.

I would strongly suggest a tape recorder to be used in all dealings with these unscrupulous people.

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So, how about an update? What's happened since you posted this ten months ago?


I sincerely hope that these scamming ***-artists known by the name of "DSL EXTREME" go to helll and then burn there for a long, long while ... they are THE worst company that I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

All of these stoires ring SO true. How can they be allowed to remain in business, I ask all of you out there reading, who know what I am talking about?

Let's DO SOMETHING! Who's with me???

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