I placed an order for DSL service under a one year agreement on 5/11/12. Prior entering the contract, I made it explicitly clear to DSL Extreme that I would likely be relocating to Nashville TN within the contract period and only wanted the service if it could be transferred. DSL Extreme representative gave me full assurance that they could and would be able to transfer service to Nashville.

In late September,2012,I informed DSL Extreme that effective 10/1/12 I'd be relocating to Nashville and provided them with my new address information. Only then did DSL Extreme inform me that they could not service the Nashville area. They have now accused me of breaking a contract and taken me to collections for a full year's worth of service that they themselves are clearly not able to provide...that they lied about being able to provide...and, for a contract that 'they' have broken.

What kind of company is this?

After taking me to collections, I filed a complaint with the BBB in March 2013. DSL Extreme claims that, "when I provided them with my new information it was determined that DSL service was not available. (Fact is: they have never provided service to the Nashville TN area--period.) They go on to claim I'm still responsible for the contract agreed to at the original location, per the terms of service. And, as a courtesy, "…will agree to waive the contract pay off, however, the client is still responsible for all service fees up until the disconnect date which is a total of $75.36. DSL Extreme apologizes for the inconvenience."

This is total BULL! Here the truth about this despicable company...and why I shouldn't owe them one red cent!

My physical disconnect date was 10/4/12. The LAST BILL that I ever received from DSL Extreme was on 11/13/12 for $27.83. See copied below:

Dear MR Nash,

Our records indicate that there are outstanding invoices on your account that are currently overdue. You currently owe $27.83 in past invoices. If a payment is not received we will suspended your account for non-payment. We will also apply a $10.00 reconnection fee which will need to be paid for upon account reactivation. >>>

Why do they now say I owe $75.36? I called the company prior to 10/1/12 to have my service transferred -- WHICH THE COULD NOT DO -- and then the last bill they ever sent me was on 11/13/12 for $27.83. Furthermore, I returned all of DSL Extreme's modem equipment in perfect condition.

I have NOT had service with DSL Extreme since 10/4/2012.

Although DSL Extreme says they 'apologize for the inconvenience', truth is, that is their tactic. It is what they do. They 'inconvenience' and try bullying people into feeling 'forced to pay' for an undelivered service. I made a honest and sincere effort to connect with both the DSL Extreme management team in Chatworth CA, and the company President and CEO, Mr. George Naspo, in hopes of finding a satisfactory resolve, yet, no one at the company made any attempt to understand or even pretend to care about my problem. In fact, their phone representative said 'it's my problem...I'm the one who moved'… and my letter to Mr. Naspo seeking help…that went completely unaddressed, although I have confirmation that he received it Jan. 29, 2013.

What I do have from DLS Extreme is letter from the company's collection agency demanding payment in full for the months of service remaining on the contract—and a response through the BBB that they will clear the slate if I’ll only cough-up an arbitrary figure of $75.36

Wonderful company, huh? Fair warning--stay away from DSL Extreme! They will dupe you to take your money and don't care one bit about you...

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